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Ellie got her 8 puppies on oct 11.
Only on one boy not spoken for at the moment.

Elsa is expecting puppies in mid December.

We are thrilled to announce Bosses new UK champion title!!!

The puppies arrived 1 october, 3 boys and 3 girls.
All puppies are spoken for but we plan a
new litter with fawn and brindle in december!

Sally is pregnant and the puppies will arrive in October!!

The puppies has arrived!!!

We still have boys available to suitable homes!!


Hopefylly we'll have puppies in mid august!!
look at the puppypage!!

I have updated here, there and everywhere...

A brindle and fawn litter planner for 2016,
please contact me for more information!

OMG I didn't ralize it was this long ago I updated my site...
Lots of things has happend since last time i was her, some good and some bad.
The worst thing was that I lost my precious Bonnie to bloat in april...
The best is when my sweet greynose Tingeling became world veteranwinner 2014 in Helsinki!!

But some things are all the same... 24 hours a day isn't enough!!

I have updated here, there and everywhere...

Finally I have updated the site... everywhere...
It has been a long time since last...
I havn't been to that many shows this year,
because I have had two litters and a lot to do at home and with my family.

Hopefully newt year will be a little less hectic all over...

Earlier i made som updates, and didn't finish...
And today I have updated that the puppies has come!!

Adorable little puppies came 7 may!!!!
2 brindle boys, 2 fawn boys and 1 fawn girl!!!

Some news here there ande everywhere...

"Bonnie" Ch Maxidan's Qualiti Di Prima Swedish winner 2012
@ swedens biggest show!!!
and "Skye"
Ch Ganteus La Ragazza Sesto Amato became a champion
@ the same show from at big class of 17 open bithces!!

New Swedish Champion!!!
"Lucy" Ganteus La Ragazza Sesto Lucido
BOS and 4th cac in Gimo!!!

Lots of updates @ highlights from this summers shows!!

"Traviz" Ch Ganteus Il Ragazzo Secondo Selvagio
New Norwegian champion and BOB @ Trondheim Int.

The puppies have start moving to their new homes!!
Good Luck everyone with your new family member!! <3

Bonnie is a champion!!!!
Only 2 years and 11 days old!! Happy happy happy!!

Lots have happend since last time!!

Traviz BOS @ Sundsvall Nat

The puppies has arrived!!
Seven ADORABLE puppies has arrived, 23/4!!
They looks GREAT and I have BIG expectations for them!!

There are still a few puppies left for booking!!

We're expecting puppies!!!
For more information, look @ puppies!!

Bonnie is Västernorrlands most beautiful dog!! :)

Foto: Linda Boväng

Skye is mated!!
Hopefully , we're expecting puppies in late april!!!

Small updates all over the site...

Ganteus La Ragazza Sesto Amato
HD A / ED UA (0)

Kennel Ganteus are proud to announce that we are
1st runner up,
best breeder of the year 2011

Many of our dogs has done well in the showring during the year,
 Here is some of them!!

Maxidan's Qualiti Di Prima
7th Place, Dane of the year (4th best Bitch)
Ganteus La Ragazza Sesto Amato
13th Place, Dane of the year (8th best Bitch)
Ch Ganteus Il Ragazzo Secondo Selvagio
17th Place, Dane of the year (7th best Male)
Ganteus La Ragazza Sesto Lucido
25th Place, Dane of the year (16th best Bitch)

Bonnie best bitch 2 @hund2011
Se more @highlights

All the puppies in the litter are spoken for!!
The litter and their names are available to see @ litters.

The puppies has arrived!!!

3 fawn boys & 2 brindle girls!! <3 <3

We are excpecting puppies very soon!!!
For information about the litter, see puppies.

More news @ highlights and a new picture of Traviz!

Still first runner up , best breeder of the year,
keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way!!! :)

BIG congrats
  to Anna Bålefalk and Freddie!!!!!
A new title LP 1
Not bad, not bad at all.... :) Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

Luna is mated, keep your fingers crossed for brindles in november!!!

more updates here, there and a little bit everywhere...

Not many shows left this year, and we are second best breeder in sweden!!!!
I'm soo proud of each and everyone of my puppies!!!
And to all their great owners, without you this wouldn't be possible!!!! <3 <3 <3

More news @ highlights!!

Multible SUPER GREAT show results @ highlights!!!!!!

The Ganteus crew have a new champion!!!!!! BIG congrats to Josefin!!!
Some new here, there and everywhere.....

Check out Highlights!!!!
We have had a GREAT show weekend!!!!!
Thanx to all frieds, who were there, we had a great time together!!! <3 <3

New pictures of Skye, Lucy and Bonnie on their pages.
New champion piture of Alonza

Super News!!!!
Skye BOB BIG1 In Piteå this weekend. She also got her secont cac in two weeks!!
Bonnie R.cac. and some more results...

Litters updated!!! Finally I'll tell about Tingelings future male!!
We have had some "bugs in the scedule" so she didn't get mated last year,
but this time nothing will stop us to see Jack (ex. no daughters to deliever...)

About me is finally updated to...

Yes, I know I havn't updated for ages... :) But It's never to late, right!!!
Finally a massive of update everywhere!!!!!

check out dog, bitches, litter, highlights & puppy...

And the best news of them all

5 Januay @ 14.26
My second daughter entered the world!!
Her name is Agnes and she is a sweetie!! <3


Results from Högbo Int.
And pictures from some shows, see @ Highlights!!

I had missed some results from Alfta
But now they are there, whith pictures and all!!

Bonnie is Home and has settled in well with the rest of the pack!!
Pictures will come!!)
Show news from the great weekend @ Lövudden
Pictures will come!!)
Traviz has X-rayed his hips and has the result B :)

Little Bonnie will be home soon!!!
We are waiting for a new brindele girl!!

Maxidan's Qualiti di Prima

4½weeks @ the picture

More info on upcoming litters.


Lots of new stuff!!
Ganteus has A new champion!!
Luna, Campion in Vännäs Last weekend!!
New picture of her @ Bitches.

See the rest of the results on Highlight!!


SGDK has a new adress, the links are updated.
Skye and Lucys show debut @ highlights!!


All the albums are working now.
Two new pics@ champions!!


The new site is up and running.
After a lot of har work, it's finally ready to show you all :)

But, as you all can see, I'm not ready yet!!
I'm working on it!!

It's about time, isn't it...... :)