Hi, I'm a 30, and a few years.... old girl with a passion for great danes!!

It all started in -98 when I thought i had time to get my first dane.
I was out of school and worked at a doggy daycare center,
the perfect place to work when I finally was going to get my own dog.
I got a fawn male called Dustin. I showed him to swedish and norwegian champion.
In 2002 I got my first litter and after that I was comitted to give my life to this lovely breed!!

I'm an educated dogtrainer, (@ Hunddressörs skolan, Sollefteå) with the focus of servicedogs
and with a broad education around "the dog" for excample: genetics, healtcare,
mentality, ethology and nutrition.
I have worked at a doggy daycare center for a few years and
I worked at several dogstores grooming all kind of dog breeds (and some cats)
and serving cusomers, for many years.
Now I am self-employed and have my own grooming saloon, Trimmis Sundsvall.
I love to work with my 4-legged clients and the satisfaction of sculpt the dogs fur is great!!

I have two beautiful girls born -09 and -11 and hopefully they will get the same interest of the dogs as me!!

I have a big interest of the dogs mentality and puts a great importance to
the mentality in my breeding.

My goal is to breed beautiful, healthy, sound dogs, with a great personality
and the Construction to move freely.
A great dane shouldn't only look good stacked It has look good moving to!!

I only use highly qualified, health checked, breeding materials for my litters.